Breeding and Placement – None available for 2015

Our breeding goal is to carry only the finest qualities forward in the breed.  This includes not only health, hunting instincts, trainability, conformation and show quality, but attitude, intelligence and indepenence.    We carefully research and track our bloodlines back four or more generations.  We also plan to stay in contact with those who get puppies from our lines to ensure that our breeding program is carrying forward the best genetics and characteristics of the breed.  We truly believe that our dogs are born to hunt, AND bred to win!

GWP Adoption Questionnaire

We are selective about the homes and families where our puppies are placed.  We are very serious about making sure our puppies go to suitable homes where they will get the structure and support that they need to develop and live happy and fulfilling lives.  This means that they have a safe place to live, the owners have time to train and care for the puppy, and the puppy will have a “job” to do to keep it mentally and physically challenged.

To this end, we will only accept deposits for puppies after we have received and reviewed an application form.  This is to ensure that those who take on these dogs understand and have the capacity to meet the needs of a hunting dog who is intelligent and performance driven but also a true family and companion dog.

Please read the section on our website ( about GWPs to ensure you understand the needs of this active working dog breed.

Please email us at  with “Puppy application” in subject line to request an application.

When you have completed the application, email back.  Upon approval of the application, a deposit of $500 will be accepted to hold a puppy in the upcoming litter.  Puppies will be placed/selected based on the order the deposits are received after breeders have pick of the litter.

Puppies, both male and female are $1,000.  They come with their initial shots,  worming and are microchipped.  All puppies are eligible for AKC registration.


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