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Below are some nice comments we’re received

From: Jeff Cromer                                                                   Sent: Mon, May 30, 2011

Thank you, Elaine and Ed, for your gracious hospitality Saturday! It really was delightful meeting both of you. We feel very blessed to have discovered your kennel. I just can’t say enough great things about Northwest Wirehair Pointers.

What a wonderful litter. I am so impressed with Hondo and Hannah and your wisdom to carry their beautiful temperaments into the next generation. What a treasure they will be!

Please thank Ed for the opportunity to watch Hanna and the pack in action with your trainer. I really enjoyed that!……….and thanks for the DVD recommendations (already ordered).


From: Rick Arnold                                                            Sent: Sun, May 29, 2011

Elaine and Ed,

I want to thank you both for having us up there today, and for your taking the time to show us all of the puppies and dogs and answering my questions. Actually, you answered many before I could even think of asking…..both of you are very knowledgeable and excited about  these great dogs and it shows.

We all were very happy to hold and socialize with the puppies and at several points during the trip home one of us would bring something up about them and who had what favorites. My wife couldn’t believe how fast the adult dogs could move and everybody especially commented on how big and very gentle Hondo was.

I did get your email this evening on the “Puppy Development” series, that you showed me as we were leaving….thank you and I will be adding them very soon. I can already see that this will be a very rewarding journey and I am looking forward to working with the dog.

I was really impressed with all the puppies today…..They all look well, have good temperaments and frankly I did not see a timid or shy one in the bunch. …I must say that they are all great and I am sure that everyone will be an awesome dog….We will all just wait and see what happens in the selection process, with no worries.



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