“Missy ” NWGWP Big Guns Leading Lady is our newest addition to the pack. She is Hannah’s and Hondo’s offspring and brings the best of both to the field and ring.

She is a long legged beauty with intense bird sense and drive. We are enjoying her in the field as she learns the ropes from the older dogs.

She has earned her nickname of Mischief at home with her mischievious temperment and love of new games and challenges.  She has a talent for retrieving anything left unattended ….clothes, towels, firewood, shoes, leaves, dog dishes, magazines, leashes and collars…always to hand, never damaged and with a big doggie smile and twinkle in her eyes.

A natural retriever, a stylish pointer, highly competitive and eager in the field but a gentle and happy companion in the home.  She is everything we’d hoped for from that litter.