Pack Leaders

Hello from Ed and Elaine, the pack leaders 

Where do we start this story?  We didn’t start out with a plan to be ‘pack leaders’ but we’re now proud of that role and enjoy all the critters that have become our family.

We live in the Cascade foothills, north of Seattle in the great Pacific Northwest, adjacent to DNR lands that stretch about 50 miles to Stevens Pass.  This provides us lots of room to run, romp, hunt and just relax.  We are avid outdoors people and love to hunt, to fish and live this rural lifestyle. 

As our beloved Golden Retriever and Jack Russell passed away over the past few years, we started thinking about what type of dog was going to fit into our home and activities.  After much research on different websites, reading numerous books, attending dog shows, sportsman shows, and hours of discussions with other “dog” people, we decided that we wanted to get a German Wirehair Pointer for our next dog. 

The German Wirehair Pointer is a breed that does well in a variety of hunting situationsand will hunt different types of game, yet they are excellent family dogs.  We needed a dog that could do it all but we liked quiet evenings with family and our dogs are part of our family.  The Wirehairs seemed the right fit for us and we began searching for just the right puppy to start this new chapter in our life.

It took a while but in early 2008, we found our first pup at Tova’s Kennels in Oregon.  See Annie’s page for details, but know that we considered it luck, fate and a blessing that we got such a wonderful introduction to the breed. 

We couldn’t have been happier with our dog, friend and companion…..well, unless there were two…..

We decided that a second dog would be nice to work with Annie in the field as we often hunt with 2-4 friends who don’t have hunting dogs of their own.  That started us searching and despite weather delays, we ended up in Idaho at Rimrock Kennels in January 2009 and after hours of playing with the pups trying to make a choice, adopting Suzie.  See Suzie’s page for more on that adventure.

Well, one thing lead to another….and in August 2009, we learned of another GWP in Salem, OR who needed to find a quick home due to some hardship issues….and we took on Hannah, thinking that it might only be a fostering situation…but she quickly wormed her petite little fuzzy body into our lives and with her Benji-like face, became “daddy’s girl”.  She became a permanent fixture and seemed to balance well with the other girls.

Update:  We’ve kept a pup from a recent litter between Hannah and Hondo (Star) and have her in training.  She is a long legged, ball of fire and shows great promise for field. 

We’ve also recently agreed to co own Aspendel’s Wild Heart (Stevie) and will be taking her into hunt tests and the field this Fall. 

More to come of these two new additions

Warning:  German Wirehair Pointers are like potato chips….it is hard to have just one.


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