CH Aspendels Wild Heart

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Stevie joined our pack in July 2011.  We co-own her with Bob and Sean of Aspendels Kennels.  We’ve spent the last year exposing her to birds, training and indoctrinating her into this furry family.

She is a long legged beauty with a soft and gentle heart. At first, she was shy because she had not been around a pack like ours.  She tended to find a quiet corner and keep a close eye on all that was always going on.

She now plays with the other dogs and cats in our household and looks forward to getting on her collar and heading for the field for bird time!  She has been a quick study and her natural instincts have quickly made her one of our favorites for close range hunting.

She hadn’t had a lot of bird experience during her first 18 months of life, but has quickly taken to the hunt and joys of pack life.  She is very easy and a look or firm word is all she needs for correction.  She is very smart and quickly learned to quarter and work a corn field or brush for birds.

She has a wicked wiggle and dance and vocals when she gets excited.  We love her new animatation when it is time for meals or when we bring out the guns and set up for hunting.  She lives up to her Wild Heart name with a huge doggie smile on her face!

We have gotten 3 of the 4 legs of Junior Hunter on her in this year and hope to complete that title this Spring.  She came to us with her show title already completed and she will be part of our breeding program in the future, bringing both brains, talent and beauty forward.